Explore Different Career Tracks in Aviation Available to Students at BRD Aviation Institute In India

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Explore Different Career Tracks in Aviation Available to Students at BRD Aviation Institute In India

Explore Different Career Tracks in Aviation Available to Students at BRD Aviation Institute In India

Aviation is a dynamic business that provides several job prospects, from the cockpit to ground operations. Prospective aviation professionals can choose from several various career options, each having its own set of responsibilities and benefits. Students at BRD Aviation Institute in India are rigorously trained and given practical experience to prepare them to flourish in these different jobs.

Programs Provided by BRD Aviation Institute in India 

The Aviation Maintenance Engineering (AME) Program at BRD Institute


• Prioritizes maintaining the airworthiness and safety of aircraft.

• Complete instruction includes overhaul, repair, and maintenance of aircraft systems.

• Gets pupils ready for the DGCA exams.

• Combines academic understanding with hands-on instruction in cutting-edge settings.

• Gives graduates the knowledge and credentials needed to work as Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

• Provides a range of options in the local and global aviation industries.

• Places a strong emphasis on accuracy, safety precautions, and legal compliance.


Program for Air Traffic Control (ATC) at BRD Institute

• Modern facilities and a comprehensive curriculum; 

• Faculty with expertise to provide students with the skills they need to handle air traffic efficiently.

• Addresses procedural approaches, aviationn rules, and the theory and practice of air traffic management.

• BRD Aviation Institute in India gives students practical practice managing a range of air traffic scenarios using simulators.

• Provides information on global best practices and regional air traffic dynamics from the industry. Careers as an aviation safety officer, flight dispatcher, or air traffic controller are available to graduates.


Program in Aviation Management at BRD Institute

• Offers an all-inclusive route to the aviation sector.

• Addresses regulatory requirements, aviation safety practices, airline management, airport operations, and providing excellent customer service.

• The focus is on practical experience, which is achieved through field trips, industrial internships, guest lectures, practical training, and simulation exercises.

• Readies graduates for positions such as Aviation Safety Officer, Manager of Airline Operations, and Manager of Airports.

• Emphasizes worldwide aviation jobs with a focus on global standards and solid industry ties.


The Training Program of Airport Operations Manager at BRD Institute

• Extensive instruction for those interested in becoming airport operations managers.

• Includes supervising ground operations, managing airport assets, and liaising with airlines.

• Offers hands-on understanding of industry standards, legal requirements, and airport safety procedures.

• BRD Aviation Institute in India provides practical instructions  in actual airport settings.

• Offers excellent service and safety standards while preparing students for employment as airport operations managers.


The Aviation Safety Officer Training Program offered by BRD Institute

• Equips workers for a fulfilling future in aviation safety.

• Places a strong emphasis on upholding and raising safety standards, averting mishaps, and obeying legal obligations.

• The thorough training curriculum covers completing safety audits, creating safety procedures, and putting corrective actions into place. It also covers risk management tactics, accident investigation techniques, and aviation safety regulations.

• Graduates are prepared for positions in airlines, airports, regulatory agencies, and aviation consulting businesses through hands-on instruction and simulations.

Student Life at BRD Aviation Institute in India 

A Whole Experience of Student Life at BRD Aviation Institute in India. BRD provides an extensive environment to study  

• Extensive coursework: Experience the real-world experience, and exciting extracurriculars.

• Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Integrates practical instruction with theoretical understanding.

• Knowledgeable Faculty: Offers expertise and useful advice from professionals in the field.

• Student Organizations and Extracurricular Activities: Sponsors aviation-related organizations and societies operated by students.

• Sports and Recreation: Regular sporting activities and contests encourage a healthy lifestyle.

• Social and Cultural Events: Honors a variety of festivals and social gatherings.

• Guest Lectures and Seminars: Provides information about current developments in the aviation industry.

• Friendly Campus Environment: Provides cozy lodging with contemporary conveniences.

• Counseling and Support Services: Offers student support groups and counseling services.

• International Awareness and Career Potential: Provides industry relationships and internships with top airports, airlines, and aviation businesses.

• Transnational Programs: Provides partnerships and exchange opportunities with global aviation organizations.

• Volunteer and Community Engagement: Promotes involvement in social responsibility and community service programs.


A variety of aviation career paths are available at BRD Aviation Institute in India, including Aviation Maintenance Engineering, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Management, Airport Operations Manager, and Aviation Safety Officer programs. The school equips students for a variety of positions in the aviation sector with demanding instruction and real-world experience. Programs for Air Traffic Control and Aviation Maintenance Engineering concentrate on effective air traffic management and aircraft maintenance and safety, respectively. Graduates from the aviation management degree are qualified for jobs in airport management, airline operations, and aviation safety. A friendly campus community, counseling services, exposure to other countries, internship and collaboration possibilities with worldwide aviation organizations are all provided by the institute.

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