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Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Hotel Management

Course Overview

The Diploma in Hotel Management at BRD Institute is designed to provide students with a piece of appropriate and essential knowledge. the required skills will be provided to the students to get opportunities in the hospitality industry. It is the fastest-growing sector in India at this time. Our comprehensive program covers all parts of hotel operations with practicality, Graduates are prepared very well for a variety of hotel occupations, including food and beverage services and front office management.

Someone gains such proficiency that looking for a job comes naturally to them. Given the industry's growth throughout time, this profession offers a plethora of options. Despite the lack of competition in the IT industry, most students choose this career choice. Jobs in less competitive fields are available.

Key Features of Diploma in Hotel Management Course At BRD Institute

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum with Practical Training:- Designed with assistance from hospitality industry specialists to address changing demands and trends. Gain practical experience by working on real-world projects, assignments, and internships.
  • Experienced Faculty:- Learn from seasoned professionals who have extensive expertise in hotel management and hospitality services.
  • Modern Facilities and Career Support:- Learn in simulation labs, training kitchens, and contemporary classrooms. Get access to career placement services and valuable industry contacts.

Course Structure of Diploma in Hotel Management

The diploma in hotel management comes in three distinct time periods: three months, six months, and one year. All of them are separated in such a way that a three-month diploma will only provide you with theoretical knowledge and some practical experience. A six-month diploma in hotel management provides comprehensive practical and theoretical expertise. The one-year program differs from both in that it is a remote learning course with training available if you choose to participate.

Front Office Operations

Students will learn the essential functions of the front desk, such as handling reservations, checking in and out visitors, and delivering exceptional customer service. This course covers how to leverage front-office tools and technology to improve visitor experiences and streamline processes.

Housekeeping and Hospitality Financial Management

Students will get insight into the financial aspects of hotel management. Financial reporting, cost control, revenue management, budgeting, and financial planning are among the topics discussed. The purpose of this course is to give students the tools they need to make sound financial decisions. This course provides a detailed introduction to hotel housekeeping operations. Students will learn about the need to adhere to stringent hygiene and cleanliness standards, as well as cleaning procedures, inventory management, and room upkeep.

Food and Beverage Service

Students will study restaurant management, menu design, service etiquette, and customer service in dining establishments, among other facets of the food and beverage industry. This training emphasizes the importance of delivering outstanding service in order to boost visitor happiness.

Hospitality Marketing and Sales

This course covers the principles and methods of hospitality-specific marketing. Students will learn about market research, advertising, sales methods, and digital marketing to help them promote hotel services and increase profits.

Hotel Law and Ethics

This course covers both the moral and legal sides of hotel management. Contracts, liability issues, guest rights, hospitality legislation, and ethical behavior in the hotel industry were among the topics discussed.

Event Management with food and kitchen management

Students will gain experience in event planning, organizing, and management in a hotel setting. This includes being cognizant of the financial side of event planning, marketing, and delivering exceptional guest experiences. This course provides a foundation for understanding food production and kitchen operations. To ensure effective and quality food service, students will learn about menu planning, food safety, culinary skills, kitchen equipment, and staff management.

Human Resource Management in Hospitality

The students will learn about human resource management in the hotel business. Hiring, training, staff interactions, performance monitoring, and maintaining a positive work atmosphere are all necessary to ensure that hotel operations run smoothly.

Personality Development with Communication Classes

The purpose of this course is to advance your professional and personal growth. Students will improve their emotional intelligence, time management, leadership, and collaboration abilities. The goals are to help students gain self-confidence, improve their interpersonal skills, and prepare them for leadership roles in hotel management. A career in hotel management necessitates proficiency in English. This course aims to improve students' English speaking and writing skills, with a focus on hotel-related terminology. Role-playing games, interactive seminars, and realistic simulations will help students improve their capacity to communicate clearly and effectively.

Practical Training at BRD Group

Students will participate in hands-on training modules, including these described things present in the next paragraph.

  • Internships with Leading Hotels
  • On-Campus Training Restaurants and Kitchens
  • Industry Visits and Workshops
  • Guest Lectures from Industry Experts

Career Opportunities in Diploma in Hotel Management at BRD Institute

Graduates of the BRD Institute Diploma in Hotel Management degree can work in a range of hospitality-related roles. The Diploma in Hotel Management program at BRDI teaches essential skills such as front office operations, housekeeping, food and beverage service, hospitality marketing, financial management, and event organizing. The program prepares students for a wide range of careers in the fast-paced hospitality industry by combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

  • Hotel Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Sales and Marketing Manager

Requirements to Get Admission at BRD Institute

  • High school (10th)
  • Intermediate (12th)
  • Proficiency in English

Why Choose BRDI?

  • Reputation for Excellence:- BRDI is renowned for its high academic standards and successful alumni and you can get higher opportunities after completing the Diploma in Hotel Management.
  • Strong Industry Links:- Benefit from our partnerships with top hotels and hospitality companies for internships and job placements.
  • Comprehensive Support Services:- From academic advising to career services, we provide extensive support to ensure student success.

Salary Package After Completing Diploma in Aviation

Graduates of hotel management programs can begin their careers as assistant managers or front desk agents, earning between 2,500 and 4,000 per year. Senior positions such as directors of operations or hotel managers can earn up to 18,000 per year, depending on location and competence.

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3-12 Months

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